Yasmin Baker was featured on Friday Magazine. She is very close to our heart. We consider her part of the family, she was student and instructor at Dubai Circus School and still keep in touch frequently.

We are so proud of her. She is a talented, passionate and warm-hearted young beautiful girl.

Friday Magazine asked her several questions and the answers reflects the love for life and for what she does.

Here we give you one excerpt:

"Meet Yasmin Baker, the first Emirati aerialist

How did you go on failure to being skilled enough to teach it?

When I came back to Dubai, there were no aerial or pole studios, and only a handful of performers around, so my progress was hindered. After two years, suddenly studios started popping up all over the city and I could consistently train a few times a week at the Dubai Circus School and many other studios. That’s how I went from being a beginner to being comfortable on the silks. I won’t call myself an expert because the beauty of aerial silks is no matter how much you train, there’s always more to learn and amazing people to learn from."

Also you will find wisdom, self reliance and a important lesson here:

" In what ways does aerial skills give performers a sense of empowerment?
Overcoming mental obstacles. Time and again, I’ve seen students doing a move for the first time get stuck at a height I can’t reach and they’re desperate to come back down the easy way. I can’t get them down, and they can’t reverse from where they are, so they have no choice but to grit their teeth, confront their fears and go for the move. Once they accomplish it, the look on their faces is one genuine empowerment that’s elating to see."

We couldn't be happier for her and we consider lucky ourselves to have her as our friend.

Yasmin, we love you!

See the whole article here

Source: https://fridaymagazine.ae/
Photo by: Stefan Lindeque

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