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    Dubai Circus School Project

    Benefits Those who take part in circus activities can reasonably expect to increase their strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness; sharpen their gross and fine motor coordination; and, develop the ability to "present and perform" circus arts. 1. Trampoline Put a little bounce in your step! Trampoline classes offer unparalleled fun, all the while helping students develop spatial orientation and body awareness. Whether you are an avid jumper or have no trampoline experience, our
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  • Colombian couple in Dubai

    Colombian Couple In UAE News

    In an effort to bring circus arts to the UAE’s huddled masses, Colombian aerial arts coach Javier Galeano and his wife Marcela Bello founded the Dubai Circus School. “[I] arrived in Dubai in 2004 with my wife, colleague, partner, and companion of dreams, with the idea of creating a space for creation and realization of dreams. Combining different physical - artistic disciplines, from scenic arts to circus arts, in order to put them on stage and share our dreams with women, men, and
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  • aerial silks, aerial arts

    Welcome To Your SILKS Aerial Class

    Welcome To Your SILKS Aerial Class Aerial silks is something that many people would like to try, but for some reason they never do. Maybe because lack of confdence, or they are afraid of it. But fear not! Aerial silks is the most FUN and rewarding activity to do and offer a great way to get fit. Will explain here...