Acrobatics is a performance that needs agility, skill, and proper motor coordination.

It is an act that can be seen in sporting events, martial arts, and performing arts.

Acrobatics is often linked with gymnastics and circus, but can also be found in ballet and diving events.

The most common kind is ground acrobatics and Dubai have just the right place to take on this classes.

Ground acrobatics is done in close proximity to the floor. Examples are tumbling and hand balancing.

Tumbling is doing movements like rolling, twisting, or somersaulting on the ground.

Hand balancing, on the other hand, is the combination of practicing equilibrium and strength. It is commonly known as the statue act for acrobats.

Acrobatics Training

Just like any other art or skill, acrobatics requires lots of time and effort to master. Acrobats need to fully control and master how to move their bodies.

For that, they will have to do rigorous training.What the coaches at Dubai Circus School recommends:

Acrobatics training for beginners starts with a two-step process:

  1. Build foundational strength.

Foundational strength is an essential element in acrobatics. It is achieved by getting strong through exercise.

Pull-ups, arch-ups, planks, lunges, and push-ups can help develop the muscle mass in the arms, chest, back, abdomen, and legs. These exercises use your own body weight and are suitable for acrobatics training for beginners.

  1. Master the targeted skill by using the foundational strength.

This is attained by practicing the same skill over and over again.

Aside from teaching you the basics, the trainer will also provide you with feedback to assess if your body alignment and technique to execute the acrobatics are correct.

Knowing if what your practice and master are correct can help decrease the risk of injury and will help you improve your skills better.

Acrobatics Training at Home

Acrobatics is a complex activity that is best taught in a well-equipped facility by professional trainers. If you are just starting out and are keen to learn the basics, it is best to look for a class for beginners.

Tutorial videos that may be watched at home are educational. Acrobatics training at home is also the most efficient way to practice your skills; however, it will not let you have a direct face-to-face training and feedback from a coach.

Nevertheless, here are some tips on how you can train better even when at home:

  1. Prepare well

Safety is always the first concern for any training.

Wearing comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move freely is extremely important.

If you do not have any acrobatic outfit like leotards, then a well-fitted t-shirt and gym shorts are the best alternatives.

Jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, and long earrings that can be hazardous should not be worn during acrobatics training at home and in the gym.

Clearing out of furniture that can cause injury is also a must. Using a good quality gym mat also lowers the risk of injury.

  1. Set a reasonable expectation

If you are just new to acrobatics, setting a reasonable expectation will lessen your frustration and will help you maintain focus.

This is crucial for acrobatics training at home since there is no actual coach to assist you during practice.

Benefits of Acrobatics

The benefits of acrobatics for adults involve the body’s physical and mental aspect.

Acrobatics builds the body’s strength and improves flexibility, balance, agility.

It also enhances the body’s agility and promotes proper posture and coordination, which is essential when landing safely during acrobatic acts.

Another benefit of acrobatics for adults is having toned muscles and strong bones.

Putting a constant strain on muscles builds and tones them.

The core muscles, as well as muscles in the legs and arms benefit mostly from acrobatics. Furthermore, the weight-bearing exercises develop strong bones.

It also prevents the risk of having osteoporosis.

Acrobatics also help in having a healthy body.

It helps prevent certain health conditions like obesity, heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, and cancer.

Acrobatics encourages a person to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Benefits of Tumbling

One of the most common ground acrobatic acts is tumbling.

It is commonly associated and used with gymnastics and dance choreography.

There are many benefits of tumbling. Tumbling increases the body’s strength and flexibility.

Increased flexibility lessens the risk of injuries and will also allow the individual try out other activities or sports that require this ability.

Increased strength allows the person to perform acts more efficiently.

Because running and springing are done with tumbling, arm and leg strength is the most improved body parts.

Moreover, tumbling also improves one’s confidence.

Tumbling is done with everyone working together on their own forms to improve themselves.

Mental Benefits of Acrobatics

Aside from its physical benefits, acrobatics also has mental or cognitive benefits.

When a person needs to memorize and learn new techniques and routines, he improves his cognitive thinking and skills.

Concentration and conditioning are also enhanced.

Concentration is essential both during training and during a performance.

On the other hand, conditioning helps a person to continue learning and practice more, which challenges the person’s mind to reach goals and aim more.

Acrobatics is also known as one of the best team-based activity for people from all abilities and ages.

Some of its activities need two or more people working together to complete an act.

This is mostly observed with competitive acrobatic gymnastics and group dancing.

Moreover, during training, interaction with trainers and other students leads to improved social skills.

Emotional learning and improvement are also seen in acrobatics.

Acrobats learn and improve through failures and struggles.

They learn to be resilient and patient during training and practice.

Acrobatics also inspires people to practice a sense of discipline and self-control.

Watch a performance from Trevor Kafka from New England


Acrobatics, particularly ground acrobatics, is both entertaining and rewarding.

If you are keen on trying it out, then it might be the best sport for you.

It has lots of benefits, both physical and mental.

Also, it can help you boost your social and emotional skills.

You may try to check out local gyms or schools to know more and see the exciting and thrilling acrobatic acts for yourself.

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