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Acrobatics is a performance that needs agility, skill, and proper motor coordination.

It is an act that can be seen in sporting events, martial arts, and performing arts.

Acrobatics is often linked with gymnastics and circus, but can also be found in ballet and diving events.

The most common kind is ground acrobatics and Dubai have just the right place to take on this classes.

Ground acrobatics is done in close proximity to the floor. Examples are tumbling and hand balancing.

Tumbling is doing movements like rolling, twisting, or somersaulting on the ground.

Hand balancing, on the other hand, is the combination of practicing equilibrium and strength. It is commonly known as the statue act for acrobats.

Acrobatics Training

Just like any other art or skill, acrobatics requires lots of time and effort to master. Acrobats need to fully control and master how to move their bodies.

For that, they will have to do rigorous training.What the coaches at Dubai Circus School recommends:

Acrobatics training for beginners starts with a two-step process:

  1. Build foundational strength.

Foundational strength is an essential element in acrobatics. It is achieved by getting strong through exercise.

Pull-ups, arch-ups, planks, lunges, and push-ups can help develop the muscle mass in the arms, chest, back, abdomen, and legs. These exercises use your own body weight and are suitable for acrobatics training for beginners.

  1. Master the targeted skill by using the foundational strength.

This is attained by practicing the same skill over and over again.

Aside from teaching you the basics, the trainer will also provide you with feedback to assess if your body alignment and technique to execute the acrobatics are correct.

Knowing if what your practice and master are correct can help decrease the risk of injury and will help you improve your skills better.

Acrobatics Training at Home

Acrobatics is a complex activity that is best taught in a well-equipped facility by professional trainers. If you are just starting out and are keen to learn the basics, it is best to look for a class for beginners.

Tutorial videos that may be watched at home are educational. Acrobatics training at home is also the most efficient way to practice your skills; however, it will not let you have a direct face-to-face training and feedback from a coach.

Nevertheless, here are some tips on how you can train better even when at home:

  1. Prepare well

Safety is always the first concern for any training.

Wearing comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move freely is extremely important.

If you do not have any acrobatic outfit like leotards, then a well-fitted t-shirt and gym shorts are the best alternatives.

Jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, and long earrings that can be hazardous should not be worn during acrobatics training at home and in the gym.

Clearing out of furniture that can cause injury is also a must. Using a good quality gym mat also lowers the risk of injury.

  1. Set a reasonable expectation

If you are just new to acrobatics, setting a reasonable expectation will lessen your frustration and will help you maintain focus.

This is crucial for acrobatics training at home since there is no actual coach to assist you during practice.

Benefits of Acrobatics

The benefits of acrobatics for adults involve the body’s physical and mental aspect.

Acrobatics builds the body’s strength and improves flexibility, balance, agility.

It also enhances the body’s agility and promotes proper posture and coordination, which is essential when landing safely during acrobatic acts.

Another benefit of acrobatics for adults is having toned muscles and strong bones.

Putting a constant strain on muscles builds and tones them.

The core muscles, as well as muscles in the legs and arms benefit mostly from acrobatics. Furthermore, the weight-bearing exercises develop strong bones.

It also prevents the risk of having osteoporosis.

Acrobatics also help in having a healthy body.

It helps prevent certain health conditions like obesity, heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, and cancer.

Acrobatics encourages a person to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Benefits of Tumbling

One of the most common ground acrobatic acts is tumbling.

It is commonly associated and used with gymnastics and dance choreography.

There are many benefits of tumbling. Tumbling increases the body’s strength and flexibility.

Increased flexibility lessens the risk of injuries and will also allow the individual try out other activities or sports that require this ability.

Increased strength allows the person to perform acts more efficiently.

Because running and springing are done with tumbling, arm and leg strength is the most improved body parts.

Moreover, tumbling also improves one’s confidence.

Tumbling is done with everyone working together on their own forms to improve themselves.

Mental Benefits of Acrobatics

Aside from its physical benefits, acrobatics also has mental or cognitive benefits.

When a person needs to memorize and learn new techniques and routines, he improves his cognitive thinking and skills.

Concentration and conditioning are also enhanced.

Concentration is essential both during training and during a performance.

On the other hand, conditioning helps a person to continue learning and practice more, which challenges the person’s mind to reach goals and aim more.

Acrobatics is also known as one of the best team-based activity for people from all abilities and ages.

Some of its activities need two or more people working together to complete an act.

This is mostly observed with competitive acrobatic gymnastics and group dancing.

Moreover, during training, interaction with trainers and other students leads to improved social skills.

Emotional learning and improvement are also seen in acrobatics.

Acrobats learn and improve through failures and struggles.

They learn to be resilient and patient during training and practice.

Acrobatics also inspires people to practice a sense of discipline and self-control.

Watch a performance from Trevor Kafka from New England


Acrobatics, particularly ground acrobatics, is both entertaining and rewarding.

If you are keen on trying it out, then it might be the best sport for you.

It has lots of benefits, both physical and mental.

Also, it can help you boost your social and emotional skills.

You may try to check out local gyms or schools to know more and see the exciting and thrilling acrobatic acts for yourself.

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Another demanding aerial discipline in Dubai

Aerial silks exercises are fitness routines executed with the use of aerial ribbons or fabric.

They are also referred to as aerial contortion.

You use a piece of fabric to wrap, swing, spiral, and suspend your body to get into a range of positions.

Aerial silks is recognized as a demanding and artistic workout that calls for stamina, flexibility, power, strength, grace, and daring.

Dubai Circus School is a Prime place in Dubai to book classes.

See about Circus School project here

An increasing number of people go to aerial silks classes for the following reasons: The exercises are fun to do. They help develop a wide range of skills.

They promote health and wellness.

What do you gain from aerial silks?

The following aerial silks benefits might convince you to check it out:

They promote muscle strength.

People who regularly go to aerial silks classes tend to notice increased muscle strength.

The limbs become stronger.

The upper body, particularly the core area, gains in strength and muscle definition.

Your abdominal muscles get a great workout as well.

Aerial silks also strengthen ligaments and tendons. And when you have strong tendons and muscles, you are less prone to injury.

They help develop coordination and flexibility.

You go through a wide range of motions when you do aerial silks. As a result, you become more flexible. The spine decompresses. The tension between the vertebrae eases.

Your posture improves.

They help increase your stamina.

It is amazing to watch people doing aerial silks exercises.

They look lovely and graceful as they execute their steps while suspended in mid-air.

But don’t be misled by the ease and grace that these people show.

An aerial silks routine demands a lot of physical work. It is tough. It is grueling. It is also challenging and fun to do.

Aerial silks tones the muscles. It also develops your stamina.

With practice, you enjoy longer staying power and endurance.

They help you control your weight.

Research indicates that you burn about 350 calories for every hour that you engage in intense aerial silks exercises. As you gain in experience, you get to do routines that are more challenging — and burn even more calories.

Aerial silks is a challenging and intense form of exercise. It helps you increase muscle mass and achieve muscle definition, as well as develop stronger muscles.

All these, in turn, predispose you to increase your metabolic rate. This means that you continue to burn calories even when you are at rest. It is not surprising that people who want to lose or maintain their weight choose to take up aerial silks classes.

They decrease the risk of workout injury.

Running, aerobics, jogging, hiking, climbing stairs, tennis, jumping rope, and other weight-bearing exercises are intense forms of high-impact exercises that help burn calories fast. However, they also predispose you to sustain injury, especially to your joints.

Aerial silks exercises are just as intense, if not more so.

They help increase stamina.

They push you to pull off challenging positions.

They challenge you to do deep stretches. Like other high intensity workouts, they promote optimal heart rate and lower blood pressure.

With aerial silks, however, there is less risk of injury. You do the exercises while you are suspended in mid-air. The silks support your body.

Your joints go through less wear and tear.

You don’t have to give up exercising because of back or knee problems.

With aerial silks, you get a high-intensity, low-impact workout. You get deep and satisfying stretches. You enjoy freedom of movement and a wide range of motions — all without running the risk of injury.

It’s a fun, creative, innovative and satisfying form of exercise.

If you are looking for a workout that is new and exciting, you may just find it in aerial silks for adults. Aerial silks is a fun and playful way of exercising that allows you to be imaginative and creative. You do aerial activities that are wonderfully challenging, graceful, and fun to do.

You feel exhilarated and challenged. You feel like a child at play — while you become physically fit.

Aerial silks focuses on making you do fun and challenging aerial poses and routines. When you do the routines, you also do strength training, Pilates-based core movements, deep stretches, posture and balance work, and mind-body association.

Just about anybody can do aerial silks.

You can adapt aerial silks exercises to fit your personal level of strength, flexibility, and stamina. You can sign up for beginner-friendly classes.

You can also opt to start your journey by doing aerial conditioning and building your stamina before trying to learn the more challenging tricks.

Aerial Silks for Kids

Aerial silks is a unique, creative, and fun way to get your kids to exercise.

If your child likes to monkey around, hang upside down, dance and fly up in the air, he or she is likely to enjoy this particular form of exercise.

Aerial silks for kids will help your child develop better stamina, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

It will help him or her achieve better focus and attention span. It is a form of exercise that helps promote a healthy sense of achievement and self-worth.

Finding an Aerial Silks Instructor

When looking for an aerial silks instructor, consider the following: Does he or she have the training required for the job? Does he or she have a substantial amount of paid professional work under his belt?

Ideally, a good teacher will have a low incident rate. “Incidents” refer to the injuries, falls, and accidents that students experience under the instructor’s tutelage.

Aerial silks is similar to other forms of sports or exercise. You can’t avoid the occasional injury. However, it is better to work under a teacher who sees to it that students don’t routinely hurt themselves.

An excellent instructor will emphasize safety measures. He or she will take the time to make sure that you understand and practice safe silks.

You want an instructor who makes the effort to explain to students what rigging is all about. It is essential that you know and appreciate what it is that safely holds you up in the air.

Look for an instructor who has several students taking class with him or her for several years now. Returning students indicate the teacher’s level of skill, appreciation of safety, and effective teaching style.

Finally, find out if your teacher is insured. An instructor who is insured reflects prudence, professional commitment, and common sense.

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Dubai Circus school
Address: 14 29a St – Dubai
Phone: 055 483 4554
Latitud – Longitud


Those who take part in circus activities can reasonably expect to increase their strength,
flexibility, and overall physical fitness; sharpen their gross and fine motor coordination; and,
develop the ability to “present and perform” circus arts.

1. Trampoline

Put a little bounce in your step! Trampoline classes offer unparalleled fun, all the while helping
students develop spatial orientation and body awareness. Whether you are an avid jumper or
have no trampoline experience, our highly trained instructors are able to meet your needs.
Come, jump with us and reach for the top!

2. Aerials

The focus of the class will be on strength building, balance, memory, coordination and flexibility;
this class includes a dynamic warm up that combine physical preparation. The activity on the silk
will focus on transitions, choreography, balances and drops. Hanging point is required to include
this activity in the program.

Aerial Silk, sometimes referred to as ribbon or tissue, is an exceptionally beautiful (and
contemporary) circus art that has recently begun capturing the interest of many! Suspended from
the ceiling by lengths of soft fabric, students experience the thrill of this profoundly exciting
performing art as they sequence through static and dynamic skills.

While a staple apparatus of the circus, in its own right, the Static Trapeze also instills in students a
skill set that is integral to Dance and Swinging Trapeze. Once students become adept at using
the Static Trapeze, they will progress to using the Aerial trapeze.

Aerial Hoop
The Aerial Hoop, also sometimes referred to as lyra or cerceaux, is a dynamic aerial apparatus
that makes use of combined strength, flexibility, and creative movement, while static or spinning.

3. Ground Acrobatics

This activity is the perfect Mix between recreation and challenge, incorporating a massive range
of fun acrobatic moves designed to stimulates and enthrall, build confidence, coordination,
strength and group cooperation, physical preparation includes warm ups, strength, flexibility and
coordination activities.

4. Kids Class

Circus fundamentals is an entry-level circus class focused on cultivating the strength, body
awareness, confidence, and personal style needed to unleash your child’s circus potential.
Students will explore trapeze, fabric, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, trampoline, capoeira
acrobatics and parkour. These classes work on building a strong foundation in technique and
artistry while encouraging creative expression.

5. Parkour

The activity of moving rapidly through an area in an urban environment, overpassing obstacles by
running, jumping, and climbing.

Parkour can help you build and improve your physical, emotional, and social fitness. Run, jump,
climb, crawl, swing and have fun.

6. Circus body expression

In this class they use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences; they use their
body and senses imaginatively, responding to stimuli and performing skills and also they interact
with others in role – playing.

Working together as pairs, groups, and as individuals, students will increase self-awareness, and
build confidence, grace, and strength as they continue to cultivate their creative potential.

7. Stretching

Stretching is a form of exercise that involves controlled lengthening and shortening of various
muscles in your body.
It is frequently performed in association with more strenuous forms of exercise such as aerobics
or strength training.

With stretching the students improve range of motion in their joints, improve flexibility, relief of
stress related muscle tension and increase blood circulation.

8. Moms Fitness

This program is specially oriented to the moms that bring their kids to class.
Instead of sitting waiting, moms could reach their own physical personal goals attending this
We have the best workouts to hit target areas like arms, legs and core.
Also there is a full body workout including strength, cardio and flexibility.

9. Bungee

Different types of skills will be explored throughout the Bungee classes.
It is a combination of conditioning routines utilizing body strength, core and lower body
This class uses bungee cords or bands attached to you which main purpose is to increase core
conditioning and Lower body strength.

10. Wall fit

There are many variations of positions that can be performed in a vertical dance exercise while
hanging on a vertical wall; you can run on the wall, swing upside down, jump and much more.
It is a wonderful way to build trust and self-confidence.
The focus is core conditioning but you need a lot of strength and coordination.

11. Capoeira Acrobatics

Capoeira (pronounced cap-o-wai-ra) is an energy Brazilian martial art that combines self-defense
techniques, acrobatics, music and dance.
You will find many reasons why Capoeira is an excellent extra-curricular activity Capoeira teaches
self-control and never violence.
Kids will be very busy moving back and forth, ducking, dodging, spinning, and jumping.
Capoeira classes are much more fun and challenging
Every kid is around other children experiencing respect, discipline, confidence, and friendship.

12. Hand Stand

The art of hand Stand provide the students the opportunity to gain great strength and access the
discipline of precision training.
The student will learn how to achieve the right posture required holding stable handstand.
Students will learn several leg positions while balancing on their hands, heads or elbows.
Balancing canes will be the next level of achievement and will be introduced throughout the term

Dubai Circus school
Address: 14 29a St – Dubai
Phone: 055 483 4554
Latitud – Longitud

Those who take part in circus activities can reasonably expect to increase their strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness; sharpen their gross and fine motor coordination; and, develop the ability to “present and perform” circus arts.

Our non-competitive, performance-based circus classes offer school-aged children comprehensive education in many areas of physical development.

For example, learning to juggle sharpens eye-hand coordination; unicycle, acrobalance and tight-wire develop core-stability; swinging trapeze and the other aerial arts (aerial silk, static trapeze, aerial hoop) promote overall physical strength and flexibility; trampoline training refines kinesthetic awareness and spatial orientation. Circus arts are guaranteed to be some of the most fun and highly educational after-school activities,